Make Peace
with Your
Mom or Dad

If you're holding a grudge, are angry, feel betrayed, and believe your mom and/or dad has done wrong by you, letting go of your pain will liberate you in a profound way.

It's not common knowledge...

...that the emotional hurt you experience as an adults such as anger, sadness, hopelessness, and a whole host of other such emotions may actually stem from what happened in your childhood or even infancy with your mom and/or dad. Maybe you've wondered already why you keep attracting into your life people, situations, and events that trigger the same thoughts, feelings, and circumstances that were present already years ago when you were a child. Well, this is why! By not having made peace with what happened then, the pain you experienced is still with you. I know people in their forties, fifties, sixties, and even seventies who still feel resentful and bitter with their mother and/or father for what they did or didn't do. Do not let this be you!

Blame Hurts You!

Most likely, your parents did the best they could given their own family history, how they were raised, what their infancy and childhood was like, and what unresolved trauma they unconsciously inherited from their ancestors. Additionally, your parents grew up in a different era. To a large degree, their level of consciousness was probably quite different from your level of consciousness. Why remain angry, sad, or however you're feeling about what happened decades ago? Why not make peace with it? Why not let it go? Why not release those old entanglements that keep your life-force tied to the past? Imagine what you could do with that extra energy if it would be available to you? What kind of amazing circumstances could you create for yourself that would invigorate your life?

set yourself free!

I know what I'm talking about. I lived with anger and resentment for many years in regard to what happened in my childhood. However, I was able to completely free myself of all the old hurt and now have the most wonderful relationship with my 83-year old mother. I've written extensively about this subject in my unbook #1 True Freedom versus Self-Improvement: Life Without Suffering Is Possible. You can read 86 pages for free, which you can access on my website's homepage. You'll also find a plethora of other helpful information, including the Testimonial Page.

Margot Ridler

I am a trained Family Constellation Work facilitator. Since the late 1990s, I've assisted adult men and women from around the world heal their childhood wounds that still affected them in their lives. I'd be honored to help free you from entanglements with the past, which you're keeping alive to this day. On my website you will find details about my background and my credentials.

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Please read through the page I created for you by clicking here to find information about the 21-Day Quick Release Program: Make Pease With Your Mom or Dad. Thank you for your interest!

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